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Hello! ✋ I’m Eldar, an IT entrepreneur, and developer

I create and develop IT startups that give value to people. Most of my projects are Telegram bots.
My goal: give a value to 1,000,000 people through my projects by 2023

Live-count of people that use my projects right now

Ok, so why Telegram bots?
When I'm thinking of creating a startup my goal is to create a very simple interface for the user and to launch an MVP ASAP. Telegram bots have an easy way to create a user-friendly interface without designing. That's why I prefer to use Telegram as a platform for my new services in most cases.
Tell about yourself
I'm currently studying at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. I study Computer Science with Business Studies. I love doing business and programming and everything about it: marketing, management, customer development, finances.

I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was 16. I have not stopped creating new IT projects and startups since then.

My approach is to create an easy-to-use product that would give value as soon as possible. 90% of my bots are created within a week.
Do you monetise your projects?
Yes, I do. I create bots on order, sell my bots and also sell products inside the bots. I have recently sold my anti-plagiarism checker bot for 2000$ to a big Russian company. The whole project was created in under 3 hours.

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I prefer to be contacted via Telegram. @eldar_agaev

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