Ways of earning money on chatbots

I will discuss main aspects of earning money on chatbots
There are 3 main options to earn money on chatbots:

1) Make chatbots for businesses. Prices range from 300$ up to 10.000$ and more. Depends on the complexity of the bot and the implementation period.

2) Sell ads in popular bots. Currently, English-speaking chatbots are not a big market at the moment for selling ads. However, it has a huge potential.

Example: There are 1,000,000 active users in the bot, and the cost of advertising is 10 dollars per 1000 followers, then 1 advertisement will cost 10,000 dollars. With sales of 20 advertisements per month and reinvestment of 50%, the profit from such a bot will be 100,000 dollars/month.

This is an example. Profits can vary greatly. You have to sit down and calculate the average for the market.

3) The third option is to make money on subscribers. It could be a subscription, it could be paid access to some feature, or it could be a physical item you want to sell.

To make it easier to understand, bots are essentially websites.
The possibilities of earning are not limited in any way: you can show ads, you can make chatbots for businesses or sell your chatbots to companies, or you can make your service.

All other types of earnings follow from these 3 types: traffic transfer, monetization using referrals and traffic arbitrage, etc.

What do you guys think? Have any questions? Ask me here or on Telegram.

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