I've been building online since I was 12, starting with Minecraft servers
So let me briefly introduce myself if you don't know who I am

I live in ???????? and started building online when I was 12, haha

It all started with Minecraft/CS servers, and that's how I earn my first ????

I started to understand how to make online selling digital products

At age of 16, I created one of the most popular business communities in ????????

That’s how I got my first 50k subs on Instagram and my first real money. From that point, I started rapidly building something all the time

And then I discovered telegram channels and bots…

I bought my first Telegram channel and made 3x on it and sold for 2x. Not bad I thought...

I was earning money mostly on selling ads and affiliate

But I wanted to have something where I don’t need to constantly generate content

And that's why I switched to Telegram bots

I built my first chatbot in 2020 and now I have more than 20+ running bots that either I or my agency built

We are currently at 650k users and planning to get 1.000.000 users by the end of the year

I have also launched several other non-chatbots digital startups...

One of them is http://land.hachly.com a loyalty program for small businesses that is installed with 1 click

Yeah, 1 click and you have a loyalty program. Cool, right?

Already used by 100+ shops for free. Looking to grow it

Want to build & launch in days as I do?

Subscribe to my Twitter and newsletter (link in bio)

I talk about building, launching, and growing bootstrapped startups to make ????????????

That’s how I do it. You can do that too.

Text me on Twitter if you have any questions or want to talk about startups
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