How I got 700,000 users from building projects alone

Getting tracking is hard? Not really. If you know the right tools and frameworks to follow you can build, launch, and grow your startups with lighting speed

700,000 users counter

I’ve been building digital products for more than 4 years now. And today, let me tell you probably one of the best ways to launch a product online without spending too much money- or finding clients with your own two hands at all (which isn't always easy).

I call it LAF or Launch And Forget framework. Using this framework I have:

  1. Built 20+ products
  2. Gained 700,000+ users
  3. Earned 💴 without even working on a single project for more than 2 weeks

The information in this guide is much more concise than any other resource I have come across. It was written with one goal: to make it easy for you, as the reader of these words on the screen, to go out there and start your project!

What is it and why Launch And Forget framework always work?

LAF or Launch And Forget is a framework that allows you to launch your projects online and make money from them without worrying that you will fail (because it is impossible to fail and I will explain why)

This is how it works in 3 steps:

  1. Build — find an idea of solving your problem (ideally) or someone else, make sure that it is the simplest way of doing it, and build it in less than 2 weeks
  2. Launch — share your project with everyone you know (your audience), Reddit, Producthunt, niche websites, and other places where you can.
  3. Repeat — let the project roll, make sure people can find it if they need it, and forget about it. Build the next project.

I will explain each step in the next paragraphs but there is nothing else I can add to the list above.

So, yeah, you now know how the guys like me build and launch their projects and then “accidentally” or “luckily” get traction, money, fame, and everything else.

So is it the shortcut to wealth?

You probably heard many times that to be good at something you need to spend 10,000 hours working on it. So does it mean that with LAF you can just skip the 10,000 hours and get rich instantly? Actually, no.

I would not say that you will need 10,000 hours to get rich with LAF, but it is not a shortcut to generational wealth. You will need to stay consistent in everything you do.

The difference between working on 1 project and 10 projects is the same as working on one blog post and creating 10 of them.

Just imagine you have started a blog and written a post about fishing. You send it to 10 of your friends, but no one read it to the end. What are you going to do?

  1. Change the letters and words, so that people will read it
  2. Go write the next post, but about something else, e.g hunting.

It's obvious here, that the only option is would be just to continue writing more content and one day your post will go viral.

So the question here is why people are trying to stick with something that does not work?

Build and forget

Marketing research is useless when you have 0-10.000$  in your pocket. So instead, try to find a product or service that solves the problem people have.

Instead of building some projects for months, just go and build something very simple but useful. Something with only one function. And this function must provide value.

Start with yourself. What problems do you have? Can you solve them with something easy?

For example, I wanted to learn every country's capital in the world. So I created a quiz bot that sends me the name and flag of the country, and I need to write the capital.

That's how I created a Telegram chatbot in less than 2 days which is used now by 40,000+ users. Easy. Only one function – guess capital. Solves the problem.

I used the same approach to create 20+ bots. Then I started listening to other's people problems and creating solutions for them.


Don't focus on building 1 complex project. Build 20 simple projects instead.

The Launch And Forget framework is a simple way to start a project and make money without worrying that you will fail. To succeed with this approach, you need to find an idea for solving your problem or someone else’s problem, build it in less than 2 weeks, and launch it.

Then repeat the process by building the next project. It takes consistency and dedication, but following this method can help you avoid getting bogged down working on any one single project for more than 2 weeks.

With enough determination, you can create multiple projects that provide value and eventually make money!

What's next

Now you know how to build projects with LAF.

But how to make money out of it? Which tools to use? How to get ideas?

That's what I am going to talk next. Please note, that the content on LAF will be available in full only for subscibers (it's compeltely free)