Best ways to start a business or test your idea (and step-by-step what I am doing right now) šŸ‘‡šŸ»

Best ways to start a business or test your idea (and step-by-step what I am doing right now) šŸ‘‡šŸ»

TLDR: Make it simple.

I am going to be posting a lot in the new community (read below), so I recommend joining.

I see thousands of ideas that are extremely complex to start with. They took months to launch and resulted in ZERO customers.

The hardest part of getting the first paying customers ā€“ is, no surprise, getting the first paying customer.

It's not about building a great product (as nobody uses it).

It's not about contacting thousands of people.

It's not even about a business plan.

It's about launching your first MVP/Prototype. Whatever it might be.

1+ customers - is about the quality of your product.

If it's great, people are going to share it and talk about it to others.

Here is how I would test business ideas:

If it's tech -> just build a simple product with ONE button to provide value and connect the community to talk about problems that your product solves.

For example, if it's a marketplace ā€“ it could be a simple AirTable (NoCode) database with search. Trust me, that's enough if you have a big demand for the marketplace.

If you are planning on launching a SaaS or an agency ā€“> start with a community and solve the problem manually. For example, create a community with people who have the same problem and look for feedback/first-paying users from there.

If you are launching a digital or physical product -> community is also a great way to test it out. Share your journey and how you made the product, ask for feedback, and build something great with people who are already interested, even when the product does not exist.

This "MVP testing" is only possible if you don't require a lot of investment to build the first product (you probably do not in 99% of the cases) or physical location.

So how do you make a community?

Well, Alex Hormozi just invested in a company, Skool ā€“ a platform for online communities.

When I was focused on building Telegram chatbots, I created a paid community of developers who were also building chatbots with MILLIONS of users (at the time I had only 300k, now -> 1kk)

It worked. We shared A LOT of insights and tactics on how to grow chatbots, and a few members have launched new chatbots based on the discussion inside the group!

I am launching a community called "Mind Explorers"

So this time, I want to focus on building a community for those who want to scale or launch their business with the power of modern tools and frameworks: AI, NoCode, community building, new types of offers, etc...

Why? Building a business right now is VERY different from building a business even 10 years ago. But you need the same things:

  1. Provide A LOT of value
  2. Have A LOT of different skills

The community focus is on getting the required skills, mindset, and network to launch simple business ideas or grow businesses with a minimalistic mindset and the use of modern tools.

You don't need a developer to create a simple website.

You don't need customer support to answer a simple question.

You don't need a marketing guy to get your first 5 or 10 customers.

You don't need 99% of the things that business owners needed ten years ago.

But you definitely need SKILLS, DEDICATION and HARD work all the time.

I will participate in a challenge called "Skool Games" to make "Mind Explorers" a top community by quality and engagement, even if this makes it relatively small.

From my side, I will share everything I learned from building a business in the UK, using AI in marketing, sales, content creation, website building, and outreach, launching 20+ projects, getting 1,000,000+ users, launching digital products and a paid community, and building a productised agency (this is what I am doing right now)

How to join?

Well, the community is free for now. I am looking for those who are super focused on hyper-growth for their business. These are the type of people I want to see inside. And I will make sure the community stays like that.

Send a request to join while it's free:

Mind Explorers
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