AI is here to stay. Just get used to it.

AI is going to be everywhere. It is just a faster, more convenient, highly productive technology. Saying no to using AI is like saying no to using cars 100 years ago and keep using horses for travel.

AI is here to stay. Just get used to it.

I believe we, humans, are not going to be able to live without AI agents anymore. At some point in the future their presence is going to be as significant as ours.

What is AI?

Currently, we are talking about AI as a technology. «AI chatbot», «AI content generator», etc. But in the nearest future we are most probably are going to have a parallel world of AI agents that is very similar to human world.

Humans used horses as the main transport for thousand of years and then… in just 100 years everybody started using cars. The whole industry was erased and the new industry was built.

While AI is not targeting any specific industry, it is targeting ALL industries at the same time. Let me explain.

We used to make content (books, videos, presentations, music) for thousand of years and now — we are starting to use AI to do that.

So what will happen in 10, 20 or 100 years? Do you really believe that we will stop doing that?

Do you think humans will be writing books when AI can help you to transition your thoughts and ideas into a book 100x times quicker?

I don’t think so.

You should really start thinking about the future of mix reality: physical world (human, things that we can touch, AI with physical presence) and virtual (AI agents, virtual life and experiences)

You should be thinking about your business in the future — how AI will change your industry in 10 or 20 years.

Concept: AI as an employee

For example, the idea I was thinking about is AI recruiting company.

There 100% will be AI agents that are highly trained to do one specific task. For example, testing the website for security vulnerability.

And… there will be agents that are like a human «project managers» who are going to control those highly skilled AI agents.

The new era of AI recruiting is going to start soon.

I see companies «employing» a pack of AI employees specifically built and designed by third-parties.

Just imagine a company that was offering marketing services with decades of experience teaches AI how to do things. And then puts on top an AI project manager that controls all the team.

There are going to be «starter packages» for small businesses that are going to include something like this: 1 marketer, 1 sales agent, 1 outreach agent, 1 developer, 1 accountant, 1 designer» for something like £99/month

To wrap up

While this is not yet the reality, it’s the ideal time to start exploring AI for you and your business.

I can’t imagine my business and my life without AI. And I would certainly not switch back to not using AI.