The real reason why I need this blog.

There is nothing free in this world. Even this text is not free. So build something that provides value, get traction and you will start making money!

Shut up and take my money

Looking at the guys who are promoting their courses about "social media marketing agency" or "Shopify dropshipping" I was always wondering

Why would you teach someone a good business strategy if you can put in more money and scale it? Then, you can do something that you know already.

When I asked many "gurus" about this, only a few gave a reasonable answer. Others ignored or said, "Oh, it's just a side project".

All we need is money

The truth is that each piece of content on youtube or a website is created for a reason and the end goal of every website, channel, or group – make money.

I don't know why others can't say that.

Look, I am 100% going to make money from that blog and potentially from you by either advertising or selling digital products. That's the truth.

Business without profit is immoral (c) Evgeniy Chernyak

This blog is my solopreneur startup. Each post – project

I have already described how I launch my projects here.


  1. I choose something that does not require maintenance or continuous work
  2. I build and launch it in less than two weeks
  3. Repeat

Each post here – is a small project. I provide value to subscribers and get feedback. By doing this, I will build an audience and then present something that I think will solve the problem of my audience. That's precisely what I have done with other projects.

It is like building something straightforward and free/cheap, and then by profoundly understanding customers building an expensive and valuable solution. It always works.

DropBox and Google started small. So why do you need to start big?

How stupidly great it is, right?

Very boring video with poor quality, but it shows the solution that gives value to the customers. They solved the problem they were facing and found others with the same issues!

Now let's look at Google! in 1997...

Google first version
One of the first versions of Google 

Fascinating? Look at Google now and compare the difference. But Google in 1997 was providing value for people. It was like switching from looking for information in a library to looking at it with a few clicks on the internet. It was a revolutionary technology at that time.

So once again, a few rules of building something great:

  1. Don't try to make something big. I started this blog with zero subscribers and all my projects with zero users. And now it's growing daily by 100-1000 users with a total of 705,000 (end of November 2022).
  2. Don't be scared to fail. That's okay. Just build 10 projects instead of 1.
  3. Build an audience around you. People are looking for people, not technologies. When I started my first blog in Telegram, more than 4,000 users signed up for my blog just because... I was building projects! And then they began to use my other products. Having an audience is essential.
  4. Listen and make money when you have people who are getting value from your products they would love to pay you!
Remebmer the money part: many indie developers or solopreneurs focus too much on product OR traction. But you must make money from your projects to build more projects and provide more value.

"So why do you need this blog?"

First of all, it follows my framework for launching projects online. That's important.

Each post -> a project launched(written) in a few hours. I write only once and then switch to the next project(post). So I don't need to "maintain" the post or do something else after publishing it.

Each subscriber -> user

And obviously, I want this blog to make money. Don't be fooled by other authors saying they are "making content for free". Everyone will try to get money out of what they are doing. And that's great!

Does this mean that I will not make any free content? NO! It's precisely the opposite. I will produce A LOT of free content and VALUABLE material publicly.

But on the other hand, I will build my audience and have people who are similar to me (because I write for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and those who want to start a business online). So at the end of the day, I will:

  1. Create a digital product for my audience that will help them somehow. It could be a SaaS (software as a service) or a close community/online course. Anything! OR
  2. Advertise my other paid projects OR
  3. Sell my services such as No-Code MVP development or marketing consulting. OR
  4. Invest money into my blog and create even more content AND value for my subscribers. OR
  5. Build an audience of like-minded people and surround me with those who want to change the world! Or... Create a paid closed community of solopreneurs. I will see where this blog gets me!
Start making money by providing much value. That's what matters. And before I make even a penny from this blog, I will ensure that I have provided a ton of value.

Ready to start your solopreneur/entrepreneurial journey?

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